Thinking of selling your home?

There are certain ideals and tools that we offer our sellers to help you feel comfortable with us when selling a home!

1. A detailed market analysis showing you what comparable homes have sold for recently in your home.

Other neighborhood sales are always a strong indicator of the price range your house might sell within. We know it can be extremely frustrating to have your home sit on the market for an extended period of time so we do our research and provide you with information to come to a suggested market price that makes sense, that will maximize the sale price of your home, and minimize the amount of time your home is on the market. Your best offers will come generally within the first 14 days of the house being on the market. Over pricing your home can extend your marketing time and possibly cost you money in the end.

2. A free staging consultation with a professional home stager/designer.

This consultation will give you a solid game plan to prepare your home for market. The individualized staging consultation is a road map designed to help you prepare your home for photography and showings. This consultation will help you prioritize things to do with your home and help you reduce the stress of listing your home by offering direction and focus. Many sellers just don’t know where to start with their home and they feel overwhelmed. This consultation is designed to get you through those uncertainties. The stager’s goal is not to get you to spend money on unnecessary decorative items but to help you declutter or use the things in your home to maximize it’s appeal to a buyer. If the staging consultation seems like too much work, we do also provide resources for professional organizers who can come in and do the work for you. Staging of a home both increases your bottom line at closing and shortens your marketing time. This part may seem daunting to you but it will all be worth it and satisfying to you in the end. We are here for you and you’ll be amazed what it will mean to your bottom line. We don’t want you to look back and ask yourself, “What if I had just done these things? How much more money could I have had in my pocket?”

3. Professional interior, exterior and drone (if practical) home photos.

Photography by professionals who specialize in home photography will help attract the most prospective buyers to your home by creating realistic expectations and excitement from the online advertising and marketing we will do for your home. Your online marketing presence is the top and most important aspect of properly marketing your home. Buyers presented with poor quality online photos will be less likely to request a tour of your home and will be less inclined to make a top dollar offer for your home. If they don’t feel they are buying quality, they will not make quality offers. Too many times, we see other listing agents take photos themselves with their phones or low grade cameras and it presents a haphazard approach to selling what is usually your most expensive personal asset. We never take short cuts with photography!

4. An option of offering your home as “Coming Soon” to the entire market.

This option will allow us to generate buzz about your home to the general public before any showings ever occur. We want buyers to be excited about seeing your home. “Coming Soon” will help generate early buzz and help us get a read on what buyers think about your home so that we can help you understand what to expect the day showings start on your home.

5. We do not believe in privately pre-marketing your home.

We believe we can maximize your sale price by offering your home to everyone in the market, not just the agents and buyers we represent within our office. There are over 20,000 Realtors across the state and many of them represent buyers who would be willing to pay top dollar for your home. We can market your home exclusively within Remax Advantage Plus but it may limit the amount of prospective buyers and possibly limit your bottom line. Any broker who tells you that it makes more sense to exclusively market internally at their own company and not expose your home to the greatest amount of people is not looking out for your best interest, only their own. We don’t like the idea of leaving money on the table in the interest of keeping the sale exclusively within our office.

6. Free 3D tours of your home.

Our photographer will use the most up to date 3D imaging to create a 3D profile of your home which we will offer use as a marketing tool to sell your home. The 3D imaging offers prospective buyers a virtual experience where they can walk through your home without ever stepping foot into it. The virtual experience is a vital tool in today’s marketing. Buyers want a full picture of the home before they ever reach out to a Realtor to schedule an appointment. The 3D imaging provides convenience to a busy buyer who wants as much information at their fingertips as possible.

7. Public marketing of your home across social media and other public real estate websites.

We do not hold back on marketing your home across all online platforms possible. Many buyers are not yet working with a Realtor but are doing searches on their own before ever getting in contact with an agent. Having that professional online presence across multiple online platforms will expose your home to the greatest number of possible interested buyers for your home. Our team also hosts multiple radio shows every week where we can advertise your home on-air. This is just one more platform we use to reach prospective buyers.

8. An experienced team that has sold thousands of homes across the Twin Cities area.

We know the entire Twin Cities area well. We have access to the neighborhood stats where you live to put together a comprehensive market analysis on your home. We don’t believe it takes a “neighborhood specialist” to sell your home. It takes the right marketing approach. Most buyers don’t care where we, the listing agents, are based out of. It could be Florida for all they know. Buyers want to see professional marketing and a great online story that will help motivate them to take action on your home. On public websites and searches Realtors have set up for their buyer clients the listing broker information is in small print somewhere at the bottom. The buyers just don’t care where the listing agent’s office is.

9. Listing contracts that are only 4 months long and cancellable at any time.

We don’t ask for 12 month listing contracts or contracts that don’t allow you free release in the event you decide not to sell or other situations arise. Listing contracts shouldn’t be an undo burden on you. There’s enough stress that goes into selling your home. Any agent who doesn’t think they can sell your property in under 4 months isn’t an agent we would want on our team. Our job is to sell your home for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time. Our listing rates are also negotiable. If you are also a buyer, we reduce the listing commission on your home. We do not charge a 7% commission to sell your home. We believe that is stealing money from your pocket that could be used towards better things. We believe in fair rates for great full service from a professional and recognized brand name company that is highly respected in the industry.

10. If you are a seller who also needs to buy a home upon sale of your current home, we have strategies, tips, and tools available to you to make that transition happen without having to move twice.

Every sellers’ situation is a little bit different so we would customize those strategies to your unique situation. “One size fits all” does not apply to real estate. We can work with you, your lender, and possibly the seller of the house you want to buy in the future to create a plan that works best for you.

11. Responsive and quick communication through text, e-mail and phone calls 7 days a week.

We are full time Realtors that believe in answering our clients in a timely fashion. Real estate is not a 9-5 job, 4 or 5 days per week. Real estate does not take nights or weekends off. We treat our clients how we would like to be treated!

These are just some of the professional tools, services, and information we provide for our sellers. We would love the opportunity to have a conversation with you about your goals and to put together a comprehensive plan to serve you! Contact Us today for a free, no obligation discussion about your situation and your goals.