Why won't we give you a "Guaranteed Offer" on your home?

We don’t believe in the concept of “Guaranteed Offers” in 99.9% of cases for sellers. We believe they do not serve the best interests of our clients for a variety of reasons.

1. Most agents/brokers who offer guaranteed offers on your home are doing it as a gimmicky sales tool.

They have never actually had to buy a home from their clients. We hear numerous agents on the radio or in print saying, “If we don’t sell your home at a price and deadline that we agree, we’ll buy it!” You’ll find that those agents have rarely, if ever, had to go through with that purchase and, if they do, it’s at a price you’re not going to like. It’s a gimmicky sales pitch and not realistic.

2. It's not as convenient as it sounds.

There are billboard, investor and web-based buyers out there who will give you a real “Guaranteed Offer” on your home. They make these offers under the ideal of giving you “Control & Convenience” in your home sale. You don’t have to do any open houses, clean, paint, or anything to prepare your home for selling the home to a buyer. This is another bogus and costly sales pitch. When you sell your home, you have to move out of it anyway so, in essence, you still have to clean, declutter and move all your stuff out of the house. The “Guaranteed Offer” contracts specify all your personal belongings, garbage and stuff have to be out of the home at closing or they will keep more of your money for the cost of disposing of it anyway. You still have to do most of the work you thought you were avoiding. That “Guaranteed Offer” buyer is going to benefit greatly by you still doing the work you thought you were avoiding by accepting their offer. That doesn’t sound “Convenient” to us.

3. Millions of dollars in equity are skimmed off of home owners. And we have the stories to prove it.

Here is a real life example of what the Billboard “Guaranteed Offer” buyers offered to clients we rescued from their grips. Our client came to us because they were stressed about getting their house on the market and didn’t think they had the time or energy to do the basic things necessary to prepare their home to list it traditionally with our team. A well advertised local billboard broker offered our clients in Shakopee $383,000 for their home. This company would also charge them a 10.4% commission along with a $695 admin fee and $3,800 in fees to do repairs to the home after they would take possession. The seller would have netted out around $339,000 after paying all of these expenses. The seller wanted a second opinion and engaged our team. Our team suggested the sellers do some minor things to prepare their house for market and showed them how they could net more in their pockets by doing so. The sellers spent two weeks doing work around the house including some painting and decluttering. We suggested they list their home at $385,000 and we charged them a 6% commission. We put the home on the market and generated multiple offers well above the $385,000 listing price at $410,000. With commissions of just 6%, our seller netted almost $46,000 more than the “Guaranteed Offer”. Two weeks worth of modest work, netted them tens of thousands of dollars more in their pockets. That’s not an insignificant amount of money. It meant a bigger future house for our sellers. It could mean paying off debt, paying cash for a new car, taking a nice family vacation, college funding, etc. $46,000 seems like an exorbitant “Convenience” fee. There aren’t many jobs out there that you can work part time for two weeks and make that kind of money. Don’t give it away to someone else. These are common stories and typical of what we have seen with other clients of ours as well. Millions of dollars of equity are being skimmed off of home owners in the interest of “Control & Convenience”. Don’t be one of them! "Don't give it away to someone else!": Also, this doesn't just cost you money now in the name of convenience. With the example given, that $46,000 given away would also mean that seller would likely have paid more than $28,000 in additional mortgage interest over the next 30 years at a 3.5% interest rate on their next home. Your convenience fee ends up being nearly $75K. Wow!

4. It’s a sellers’ market right now.

These “Guaranteed Offer” buyers are offering you values that are going to be low and not competitive with the reality of our market right now. You will almost always net more money in your pocket by avoiding the “Guaranteed Offer” scams out there. Let the market decide what your house is worth, not one large buyer out to make significant amount of money off of you and your home equity. By only offering your home exclusively to one buyer, you don’t know if there is another buyer out there willing to pay you more.

5. If you are worried about timing the sale of your current home with the purchase of your next home, there are strategies out there that make more sense.

Our team is here to design a customized plan that will help you not only maximize the sale price of your current home but also put you in a strong negotiating position on your next home that will be a lot less costly than the mistake of “Guaranteed Offer”. We don’t want you to move twice and we can work to make sure that does not happen. Selling and moving is a very stressful event but we are here to help mitigate that and to help you accomplish your goals in a much more efficient and profitable manner.

6. “Guaranteed Offers” do not just cost a few thousand dollars. There are extreme and costly fees attached to them!

Some homeowners believe the “Guaranteed Offer” costs them just a few thousand dollars because the professional Realtor that provided the information told them what they thought their home was worth. Most agents working for these “Guaranteed Offer” billboard companies have under 3 years of actual real estate experience and are being coached to convince you that’s it’s a great idea to use the “Guaranteed Offer” because they are giving you what they consider to be market value for your home even though they are charging you commissions ranging anywhere from 10-20% on the sale of your home. That “Market Value” offer doesn’t seem so good when tens of thousands of dollars are being taken from you at closing with these extreme sales fees. “Guaranteed Offers” do not just costs a few thousand dollars. These are extreme and costly fees. You are being coached by impressionable young agents who haven’t been doing this long and think that this is a great deal for sellers. The cult of personality that goes with some of these companies can be strong and unfortunate for sellers.

We believe in you and your goals. We prioritize you first. The “Guaranteed Offer” companies are truly only representing themselves and their own interests. Don’t fall for the lie! We would love to talk to you further about why these options are not in your best interest and how we can position you in a much better situation. Contact Us today for a free, no obligation consultation to talk about your goals. Don’t get taken by these companies without talking to us first! Thank you.